I am delighted that the Asian professional awards are back for their second year. These awards highlight the crucial contributions that British Asians make in some of our country’s most valuable industries.

The success of Britain’s Asian communities should be a point of great pride for our nation. Over three million Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Muslims contribute nearly 10%of Britain’s GDP. Our nations rich list is now filled with Btitish Asians, family businesses established decades ago are amngst our fastest growing firms and across our leading professions, Asian faces are rising to the top.

Britains’s economy is recovering from a terrible financial crisis. Whilst we in government can play a role, it is those that are helping businesses to grow, export and break new ground that are really getting us back on track. I thank all of you for the work you do.

We’re very lucky to have an entrepreneurial spirit in Britain. From outstanding national organizations like the Federation of Small Businesses and the British chambers of commerce, through to local business clubs, entrepreneurs are working together to bring more prosperity to this country.

It is a testament to the values of this great country, and to the abilities and determination of so many British Asian Individuals and families that we can annually commend so many outstanding achievers. I congratulate all the nominees and winners.

—The Lord Popat