Zamir Shamesh Rhemtulla

Zamir Shamesh Rhemtulla

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Nominated for:

IT & Technology Award 2015




Pioneer Solutions

Job Title:

Managing Director

Educational Achievements:

2006 - BSc (Hons) – Business Information Technology – Grade 2:1
2008 - Microsoft Certified 4 Certifications

Professional Achievements:

The ambition to own his business was always a driver to do well. From a young age Zamir had a dream to start a company, Pioneer Solutions, whilst at University we offered small businesses like Dentists IT support. Over a short period of time (2 years), the client base grew from word of mouth to 15 reoccurring support contracts allowing him to run the business full time. With joint efforts of his business partner Minesh, the business grew both profits and clients over 100%.

Today we are proud to announce, with zero marketing efforts we support very large businesses like, Diesel, LK Bennett, Dr Martens and have a projected turnover of 2.5 million for 2015. Pioneer Solutions now have 12 employees.

Additional Contributions:

Zamir has written many articles:

1) Internet’s Impacts, Growth and Exploitation of Wireless Media by Businesses. This was an Investigation in the dramatic growth on Wireless Technology and its implications within Businesses. This research was carried out over a year and the final thesis was 14000 words.

2) IT Assistance for CQC Compliancy. This article was published for the Dental industry. CQC was introduced and there were many questions around the IT area. Many IT Companies were taking advantage of this, so I offered a free health check and wrote the following article to help aid dental practice managers.

3) Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) & Information Technology. This article was published for the legal industry. The SRA are a regulating body like CQC. There were many questions from our customer base around this when it was introduced. I therefore wrote this article to help aid legal firm owners.

4) In recent times the cloud has been a major hype. Business owners wanted to know the pitfalls and advantages of using the cloud. I therefore wrote this article to help mainly Retailers make a decision on whether cloud services is the correct solution as a an architectural solution for their businesses.


Zamir does charitable work for the Aga Khan foundation, raising money and volunteering in helping support local facilities.

In the media:

The article about CQC was published by and Adam Aspire.

The SRA article was published in the Law Society Gazette Online.

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  1. Adnan is highly professional & inspiring fashion promoter, his work for society speaks for him!


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