Tanoo Mylvaganam

Tanoo Mylvaganam

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Nominated for:

Legal Award 2015




One Gray's Inn Square

Job Title:


Educational Achievements:


Professional Achievements:

Tanoo Mylvaganam is an English qualified barrister with experience of practice at the international level including at the Bermuda Bar, the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (Media Case) and the Special Court of Sierra Leone (Taylor and RUF Trial).

Tanoo has a strong interest and involvement in the Commonwealth having grown up in the Delta region of Nigeria, Zambia and Hong Kong. She has detailed knowledge of contemporary conflict issues in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Nigeria and Congo.
Notable Cases

Public Enquiry:

Counsel to Michael Donnelly Inquiry (North Essex Health Authority).

Counsel instructed by Newham Local Authority re: Waldron Centre murder.

Counsel instructed by Waltham Forest re: Inquiry into Asian Centre.

Counsel at Inquests including a death in custody case Exeter Prison.

Criminal Defence:

Instructed as leading counsel in large scale criminal prosecutions

Instructed as leading counsel in a number of murder trials for the defence

Experience of heavy appellate practice in the UK jurisdiction

Experience of written submissions in domestic and ICTR jurisdictions

Leading work since 1999 in the following areas murders; kidnapping, drug cases, sexual offences and fraud:

Large scale Chinese Triad kidnap

Large scale Sikh kidnap case

Bengali gang warfare: East End London

Largest Fraud trial NHS

Fraud against local council by employee

Instructed in large scale money-laundering case:

Finch Bossino & Others on behalf of Defendant Hunt

Gibraltar money laundering case

Serious Crime:

Have been involved as counsel in over 30 murder cases, covering the whole spectrum of homicide, for instance Domestic Related, which has involved the following:

Battered Woman’s Syndrome

Domestic Violence Provocation



Large number of high profile drug-related and gang warfare murder trials. Large-scale gang warfare between rival groups and/or communities e.g. Jamaican gang warfare in London, Sri Lankan Tamil warfare, Triad warfare, Vietnamese warfare.

Have conducted a number of cases with specialist prosecution crime agencies i.e. Large scale Drug Prosecutions (Regional/National Crime Squad & Customs & Excise) with multi jurisdictional issues. Recently have been instructed in a number of serious crime agency-investigated cases, ranging from immigration and human trafficking to fraud, serious violence and terrorism.

Other relevant experience:

Employment Law - Personal injury actions

Civil actions against the police

Competent in family cases involving children and custody issues and immigration cases at

Judicial review level

Experience in race discrimination cases CRE instructed

Involved in Stephen Lawrence Case as Junior Counsel up until committal.

Additional Contributions:

Tanoo was a past member of Wellington Street Collective (Barristers committed to social justice and equality), the Chambers of Michael Mansfield QC and has been involved in the Management Committee of Asian Women's Refuge and the Legal Action Group.



In the media:


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