Sunil Chopra

Sunil Chopra

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Nominated for:

Public Service Award 2015




Southwark Council

Job Title:


Educational Achievements:

Sunil Chopra holds a law degree and was formerly:
- The first president of the Delhi University's College of Vocational Studies in the mid 1970s.
- Convener of the Central Students Committee (South Campus)
- Vice president of the Delhi Youth Congress.

Professional Achievements:

2014 - elected Worshipful Mayor of the London Borough of Southwark - the first person of Indian origin to hold the prestigious office.
2013 - elected Deputy Mayor of LB Southwark.
2010 - elected Councillor for Nunhead ward, LB Southwark.

Additional Contributions:

As Worshipful Mayor of LB Southwark, Sunil Chopra raised a record amount in donations - £70,000 - for two homelessness charities based in Southwark - the Robes Project and UK Homes for Heroes. He also inspired at least 60,000 local residents over the course of his year as Mayor through opening and attending civic and community events and activities in Southwark.


In addition to Sunil's charitable work as Worshipful Mayor of LB Southwark, he is active in local, regional and international voluntary and community organisations, holding the following positions:

Southwark Hindu Centre: Trustee and President. Sunil jointly founded the Centre in the late 80's.
Indian Overseas Congress (London) : General Secretary
International Hindi Society: Executive member
Yagya Bhoomi: Trustee
Non-Resident Indian Education Foundation: Trustee
British Indian Councillors Association: Member

In the media:

Sunil Chopra's contribution to public life in Southwark borough as Worshipful Mayor has been recognised in a range of media, including SE1 website, Southwark News, South London Press, Twitter etc. Some examples:

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