Sheila Singh

Sheila Singh

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Nominated for:

Education Award 2015




London School of Academics

Job Title:

Managing Director

Educational Achievements:

2002 – 2007
Greenwich University, London
BA Honors in Education & Training

Newham College of Further Education
Business course Entrepreneurship

Newham College of Further Education

2000 – 2002
Greenwich University, London
Certificate in Education

2000 – 2002
Newham College of Further Education, London
HNC Computing

1999 – 2000
Newham College of Further Education, London
NVQ Level 3 City & Guilds (Q1019898)
Training and Development for Further and Adult Education Teachers Certificate
D32 & D 33 Assessors Awards

1999 – 2000
Newham College of Further Education, London
BTEC Award MultiMedia and Web Page Design Advanced
CLAIT 3 RSA Integrated Business Technologies
City & Guilds PC Support Levels 1, 2 & 3
City & Guilds Internet and Web Page Design Level 2
City & Guilds Word Processing, Database and Spreadsheet Levels 1 & 2
1975 – 1980
Brampton Manor Comprehensive School, London
11 O Level Passes including English, Mathematics and Business Studies

Professional Achievements:

• Sheila Singh won the Gold Medal of Excellence for her contribution towards Teacher Training in 2008 awarded by City and Guilds (C&G).
• Sheila Singh won the award for Bravest Women in 2008 presented by Lorraine Kelly.
• LSA was awarded the Barclays Trading Places Awards 2010: Top 100 Business’s in the UK.
• Sheila Singh was awarded Women’s Business of the year; Outstanding Stars award, hosted by Newham College (Academic year 2010/2011).
• Sheila Singh was awarded the Entrepreneurial of Excellence Award for Gender at the National Diversity Awards 2012 which recognised the Equality and Diversity values installed and observed at LSA.
• In 2012 LSA was awarded the Educational Resources Award of Excellence for leading the way within the teacher training industry.

Additional Contributions:

Sheila is keen to make a contribution to eradicate unemployment and create quality and diversity within Teacher Training.
Sheila is meeting the growing need to supply quality training teachers by running teacher training courses unlike colleges and universities, Sheila targets people that are outside mainstream education with vocational as well as academic expertise. Sheila provides people with the training, skills and support to successfully change their career to teaching.

Ex- armed and serving armed forces: in recognition of government policy outlining plans to encourage Service personnel leaving the Armed Forces to become teachers announced November 2010, as part of the Schools White Paper released by the Department for Education. Sheila recognises the growing recognition of the benefits that the discipline and training that service men and women have gone through will equip today and the upcoming generation with life skills knowledge and understanding of responsibilities one needs to undertake as a citizen of GB. The transfer of skills will enhance now only employability skills, but a quality of life for both service men and students by undertaking London School of Academics' teacher training. Sheila already has links locally with the armed forces and members of the armed forces in the training team. Sheila provides a career pathway for people in the armed forces to teaching delivered by people in the armed forces. There are no other local organisations providing this service.

Over 50’: Due the recent recessions, many organisations closed, resulting in mass redundancies, this age group has not only personal but professional knowledge and experience which can be redirected to becoming trainers or tutors in a specialised area. Sheila has a successful track record of encouraging this age group to become self-employed after teacher training. The government has currently focused on supporting young people this group is undervalued and often written off. As such there is no specific provision for this age group to re-train in teaching as a career option.

People with a Disability: One in four people are known to have a disability, whether physical, mental or hidden. Sheila has a successful track record of providing accessibility training and employment options for this group. Sheila is actively recruiting people with a disability as a disability does not mean you cannot become an excellent teacher. As the legislation states in the Equality Act (2010) Sheila adheres to enhance the career opportunities and quality of life for anyone that falls under this act. Sheila actively works towards making the teaching profession a fundamental starting point for anyone, in which Sheila caters for all needs so that barriers are broken down, which are put up by society. Although there are many that offer services for people with a disability, there is none locally and Sheila offers the teacher training courses that does not stigmatise disabilities. The venue is an inclusive environment for all it has excellent facilities for all people who need additional accessibilities and resources. This includes a free car park.

Unemployed people: Sheila specialises in recognising the specific challenges that disadvantaged women face culturally and in terms of their identity in society and sustaining a family financially, morally and recognising responsibilities across generations. We provide a safe learning environment that focuses on adults.

Unqualified teacher in service: In 2007 the government announced that all teachers should be qualified by 2012. Sheila is training unqualified teachers across the South East to achieve Qualified Teaching Learning and Skills Status (QTLS). Sheila is also actively promoting career development by training, teaching assistants to move up the ladder to become Teachers. Over 80% of current intake falls with this group.


September 2012: Sheila sponsored the National Diversity Awards to promote of Equality and Diversity.

On May 29th 2013 LSA charity quiz for businesses in CEME and the Newham Chamber of Commerce, Sheila donated £1000 to the winning team which was Marie Curie Cancer Care. Along-side the latter a raffle was held and the money collected was given to a terminally ill individual. Sheila has much compassion for helping others get a quality of life, through hard work and dedication, that is why Sheila highly recommends people start a business, in whatever is passionate to them, for Sheila it was education, and a recognition that individuals regardless of gender, age, culture, religion, race and responsibilities can be empowered to educate generations to come and contribute to community regeneration to build a more skilful Britain which in return will boost the economy of Britain itself.
In June 2013:
Since the latest press release, Sheila has been able to give more back to the community; Sheila sponsored Richard House Hospice in June 2013, in which two care packages were bought and donated a substantial amount of money.

Sheila has generously agreed to sponsor the CEME Gateway to Skills Centre (GTS) in 2013. The GTS Centre at CEME provides a wealth of resources for the education and engagement of young people in core and STEM subjects. Focused on design & technology, creative arts, engineering and functional skills, the CEME GTS Centre introduces and develops a passion for these subjects at any stage of a person’s life. The objective of the GTS Centre is to work with local schools, job centres, councils, businesses and corporate sponsors to deliver the required skills for the benefit of the economy in East London and The Thames Gateway. CEME has a responsibility to open its doors to people in the region and offer them the chance to learn something new, whether it be design and technology or functional skills such as basic numeracy and literacy. Working with London School of Academics will give CEME the opportunity to offer more courses to more people in the region which will have an knock-on effect of a better-skilled regional population. CEME’s GTS Centre is reliant upon corporate sponsorship in order to operate and engage with people in the community. As an independent regeneration charity, CEME is an ideal partner for any organisation with a corporate social responsibility agenda looking to support the development of people and skills in the region. If you would like find out more about becoming a GTS sponsor like London School of Academics, please contact or telephone 020 8596 7050.

Sheila holds two events annually which bring communities together: A charity quiz: Sheila awards the winning team £1000 towards their chosen charity if they win . Last year money went to: brain tumour research, cancer research, and ex-military wounded soldiers.

Equality and Diversity event: this is where food from all over the world in cooked by the students and people are invited to eat as much as they like for a small contribution, money raised goes to charities students choose. Last year money went to Richard house hospice for terminology ill children and a individual who has sadly passed away 9 months ago.

Sheila also sponsors graduates to open their own businesses

Sheila was a judge for the Sikhs awards which took place in October 2014.

In the media:

Gold Medal of Excellence: Times Ed May (2008)
Best Magazine: Lorraine Kelly awarded Sheila Bravest Women's award 2008.
Newham recorder: front page for a mother's courage May 7th 2008.
National Diversity Awards: National press
Last year Sheila was a judge at the Sikh awards. 2014
Please see awards for further recognition.

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