Rickie Sehgal

Rickie Sehgal

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Transputec Ltd

Job Title:


Educational Achievements:

• Harvard Business School: MBA Executive Management programme (OPM46, Owner/President Management Program 46)
• University of London: Chelsea College: BSc Computer Science & Physics

Professional Achievements:

Transputec, Founder and Chairman
Rickie is the Chairman of Transputec which he founded in 1984 along with his brother Sonny. Transputec is an IT solutions business offering a range of integrated business solutions and IT services, including managed services. It was one of the first companies in the world to develop and promote cloud computing technologies, and now has more than 500 clients globally, including Danone, Nando’s, McDonalds, Swissport and the Ministry of Justice. www.transputec.com

ITDealer.com, Managing Director
A true IT pioneer who is committed to continually developing and diversifying his business, Rickie launched ITDealer.com in the 1990’s. Now the UK market leader in real time IT product availability and source data aggregation, when ITDealer was launched this type of platform was largely unheard of. As Managing Director, Rickie successfully steered the company through the dotcom boom and bust and ITDealer now offers its products and services right across Europe. www.itdealer.com

Legal Technologies Limited
In 1995 Rickie saw the potential in Legal Technologies Limited to provide cutting edge technology that enabled evidential and forensic documents to be digitised and presented to judges and barristers in a court room setting. He re-engineered the business into a market leading company whose revolutionary technology was subsequently used by the International Criminal Court during war crimes trials in the Hague. The company was sold to Oyez Strakers in 1997 and Rickie was made Non-Executive Chairman and Advisor to the Board on new technologies.

Crises Control, Managing Director
As eager to innovate and find new markets now a when he first launched in business, Rickie has just established his latest start-up venture, Crises Control. This cloud based crisis management platform provides a mobile application that offers a mass communication, easy-to-use, and customizable crisis response solution that delivers business continuity management plans rapidly across a variety of devices. Rickie is currently looking for venture capital funding to take this new product to a global market.

Additional Contributions:

Global Reach, Founder
Rickie is the Founder of Global Reach, a joint venture of companies with partners across the UK, Europe, Asia and the US. Members benefit from multi-national collaboration to deliver complex international technology solutions. In 2005 he received the Non-Resident Indian Institute’s prestigious Pride of India Award for business excellence – in recognition for his achievements in building economic and technology ties with India.

The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) UK Chapter, Board Director
In 2012 Rickie joined the The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) UK chapter as Board Director. TiE was founded in Silicon Valley in 1992 and draws successful entrepreneurs, and professionals who have their origins in the Indus regions. The organisation exists as 61 chapters across the globe in 18 different countries, with 13,000 members and over 2,500 charter members. Its mission is to nurture entrepreneurship by providing mentoring, networking, educational and funding opportunities.

Legal Deposit Advisory Panel – Independent Member
Rickie was appointed as an Independent Member of the Legal Deposit Advisory Panel from 2008 to 2012. The LDAP advises the Secretary of State on the implementation of the Legal Deposit Libraries Act 2003 and makes recommendations on the deposit of non-print publications. He became a member due to his commitment to enable the UK to preserve its digital output for future generations.


Hindu Forum of Britain
Rickie has been the Head of Governance for The Hindu Forum of Britain since 2009. He played a key role in organising the 2005 and 2006 Diwali celebrations in London and the House of Commons in 2009. Rickie was also instrumental in having the law changed following the highly publicised incident of a sacred cow, Gangotri, being put down by the RSPCA at a Hindu temple in Watford.

Alliance of Hindu Organisations UK
Rickie was actively involved with The Alliance of Hindu Organisations UK, a body that was formed in 2011 to unite the voice of Hindus in the UK in response to a proposed amendment to the Equality Act 2010 to bring caste within the ambit of the Act.

Council of Ethnic Minority Voluntary Organisations
Rickie has also served as an executive member of the Council of Ethnic Minority Voluntary Organisations, which gives a voice to the minority ethnic voluntary and community sector.

Haven (Help a Village Emerge New) charity
Rickie is a sponsor of the Haven (Help a Village Emerge New) charity. His company, Transputec has equipped classrooms in Bangladesh for the charity.

Education to Education
Rickie is passionate about developing vocational training in India and has set himself the task of filling a gap in the provision of vocational training to 500 million people in India by 2020. He is currently in talks with the Indian government and Indian universities to implement the Education to Education (ETE) model, a framework that allows large technology firms and educational institutions in the UK to pool their skills and assets with deliver them to a network of educational institutions in India.

In the media:

As a guest speaker on the panel on 'Ethnic Entrepreneurs in the UK and Internationalization to the Home Country' at King's College London in May 2014, Rickie shared his story of entering India and building and managing a business in his country of origin. He emphasised the need for entrepreneurs to leverage social ties in both their host and home countries, recruit local talent and build bilateral communication channels for effective management of their businesses in the home country.

Rickie writes a regular blog on topics of interest to the IT community and business continuity in particular. You can find his blogs at http://www.crises-control.com/blog/latest.html

Rickie has given a number of radio interviews over the years, on issues connected with his campaigning activity. These issues included caste discrimination, the sacred cow, Gangotri, and why Asians do not vote.

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