Pavithra Susan Prakash

Pavithra Susan Prakash

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Nominated for:

Education Award 2015




Progressive People Network

Job Title:

Director of Operations

Educational Achievements:

School Topper and Head Girl
3rd all India Ranking, CBSE 10th std Board 94.4%
Graduated with Honours from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Kharagpur) in 2004
All rounder Award from IIT KGP on Graduation
Graduated with Distinction from the London School of Economics in 2008

Btech Hons Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering
MSc Distinction in Operations Research
Foundation Level CIMA
Black Belt Lean Six Sigma
NLP Practitioner
Institute of Leadership Management - Level 2 & 3

Professional Achievements:

Emirates Airlines: 2005 - 2007. Revenue Optimisation Dept of Emirates Airlines - Youngest woman in the department to get promoted to Grade 8 in a span of 1 year. Developed the business requirements for a revenue planning system that would replace manual processes and allow the airline to set revenue targets for it's network once every month rather than once a year.

Deloitte Management Consultant: Limelight Awards from Deloitte; Awarded fast track programme for Deloitte. Was a key strength to the organisation in implementing projects for multiple clients like the NHS, British Gas, Lloyds Banking Group, Roche, etc

Medtronic UK : Single handedly developed a consulting proposition for one of the business units for Medtronic and developed an approach that would allow hospitals to benchmark their performance for critical neurosurgery across Europe.

Progressive People Network: Responsible for growing the network from personal connections and

Additional Contributions:

1. Coordinated the first publication of the now annual Deloitte series : Measuring the ROI on R&D investment for the pharmaceutical industry, which was show cased in the FT.

2. Tweet and coordinate social media for the Progressive People Network (@PPNWORLD)

3. Conduct interviews and online videos for training for the Progressive People Network


In 2012, while at Deloitte, Pavithra attended a training course with the Progressive People Network which changed the way she approached her professional and personal spheres of life. Understanding the impact this could have on professionals world wide, she started volunteering her time outside of work with PPN as a mentor, training to be a facilitator, organising meetups and events for wider members of the public to get access to some of the 1% thinking that PPN offers.

Pavithra launched the Progressive Women series, an event series for professional women who are aspiring to be different and become leaders.

Pavithra organised and been a speaker at a total of 21 events for the Progressive People Network - all around topics of development for professionals . Some of them given below:

1.Progressive Networking
2.Are you Progressive or Regressive? - Top tips for getting into the zone of action
3.Millionaire mindset - Do you have it?
4.Graduates - The Game Changer Experience
5.Dealing with your Inner Gremlin
6.Getting your message across “the fine art of communicating at a deeper level"
7.Set yourself up for success for the rest of the year
8.The Art of Successful Interviewing - Stand out from the crowd
9.Goal Setting - The Progressive Way
10.Discovering your USP - What makes you unique in a crowded market?
11Advice to your YOUNGER SELF
12.Life Dynamics - A Progressive weekend away with the Progressive People Network
13. Work Hard, Play Hard - Prepping for exams the Progressive Way

The Progressive Women Series:
1. The Progressive Woman - “ Being the queen or heroine in your life, not the pawn or the victim"
2. Change through Challenge
3. Redefining Feminism The Progressive Way

In the media:

I've been on several Progressive People Network videos - interviewing the Founder, and on the Leeds Student Radio, being interviewed after a talk I gave at Leeds University about how to progressively prep for exams.

1. Video on the Progressive People Network Website - Testimonial from 2012:

2. Interview of Leeds Student Radio :

3. Interview of Martin McKenzie - founder of the Progressive People Network :

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  1. Adnan is highly professional & inspiring fashion promoter, his work for society speaks for him!


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