Nazish Choudhry

Nazish Choudhry

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Nominated for:

Education Award 2015




Lammas School and Sports College

Job Title:

Deputy Head of Humanities

Educational Achievements:

BSc Hons Psychology and Sociology - University of Derby

PGCE in Secondary Religious Education 11-18 with QTS at Sheffield Hallam University

TLA Stage 1

Nominated for Global Educator of the Year

Professional Achievements:

Having worked within education in the capacity of a teacher Nazish would describe her biggest professional achievement to be her ability to develop positive relationships with her students. Nazish always strives to develop positive relationship as she feels that is the first stage of achieving successful results and having a positive impact on students.

Aside from her personal views on what leads to being a successful teacher Nazish has had 7 very successful years in education. In her first year Nazish developed a Raising Aspirations Programme that was aimed at British Asian students that were uninterested, disengaged or generally lacking confidence or esteem within education. Through the project Nazish arranged for students to meet with many professionals from different fields such as sport, engineering, business, ICT, medicine, Students were given opportunities to speak with these professionals regarding their profession and education. Students were also given opportunities to try out university Courses, meet professionals and experience student life. This project took a great deal of time, coordination, organisation and skills in communication. The results of the project showed that after the project all the students on the programme were considering attending further education with aspiration for higher education. This was a difficult programme to put together and successfully deliver in the first year of teaching however due to its success the course continued to run and the school received a Partnership Award with the University of Derby.

Nazish has also carried out extensive charity work raising money for various different charities putting the students at the forefront of developing fundraising activities and also instilling empathetic skills and considerations in students in a practical manner. This allowed them them to develop skills in enterprise, cooperation, team building, organisation whilst raising funds. Some of the charities money was raised for include Wolrdvision, Pakistan Flood Appeal, A school in Tanzania that required medical equipment in order to allow students to participate in PE, Keep Syria Warm. Through fundraising activities large amounts of money was raised particularly the Worldvision appeal where the school raised over £1000.

Nazish organised community cohesion events such as the International Food Evening that broke down the barriers of cultural ignorance and bought many people from a variety of cultures together to celebrate cultural differences, diversity and traditions. This event was highly successful in a school where there were the beginnings of divisions amongst ethnic groups.

Within her subject area of RE Nazish has consistently achieved excellent results by developing a good relationship with students, tailoring resources to suit student needs, setting up after school and weekend revision for students. In the second year of her teaching career Nazish achieved 82% A*-C graces with a class expected to achieve 42% A*-C. In her 4th year of teaching Nazish achieved 100% A*-C with at a new school with new students. 2 year ago Nazish managed to get her students ready for their GCSE early entering them in year 10. Over 50% of the students achieved an A*-C allowing them to take on another GCSE in year 11. Achieving such results requires a great deal of time being used to develop strategies, working with small groups, individuals and whole classes. The determination needed as a teacher is vital and must be shared with the class in order for them to have the same vibe, determination and confidence. This is all in addition to the skills mentioned above in organisation, cooperation etc.

Nazish's experiences branch out to working with students that have emotional, social and behavioural needs. This was an emotionally draining role as it required the development of a relationship close enough to support the people involved however also within a clear professional capacity. when working with such young children (5 year olds) that were already living troubled lives. Upon completion of the contract Nazish received letters from head teachers praising her skills and the developments she had made with students from the schools she worked at.

In 7 years of teaching Nazish has excellent experiences in a range of roles from Teacher of RE, to head of RE, Deputy Head of Humanities, Head of Humanities, Leader of Citizenship and PSHE, Consultant for the provision of EAL at GCSE level, and Advisory Teacher for Behaviour. This has been the result of her hard work, commitment and being recognised as a member of staff with the relevant skills to carry out roles of such responsibility.

This year Nazish was nominated as the Global Educator of the Year - this was as a result of being recognised for all the work Nazish has carried out that relate to Global Citizenship with in her school. These include campaigns such as the Red Hand Day Campaign that aims to raise awareness on child soldiers. Campaigns such as the go over and above Nazish's daily role as teacher and Nazish spends a large amount of her own time organising such events in order to make a difference.

Additional Contributions:

The development of the Raising Aspirations Programme is and invaluable contribution Nazish made to education particularly within South Yorkshire where a programme such as this was highly necessary. The model which the Raising Aspirations Programme was based on was later used by larger organisations with a team of people organising and delivering. The principle same and the criteria in which students were chosen also the same. their was however a dedicated team for the project and funding. Whereas Nazish delivered it without both.

Nazish has tutored young children from her local area - in order to improve literacy levels amongst asian students.

Nazish is currently working on a resources bank for EAL students studying GCSE RE. The resources booklet will be shared amongst staff within the borough.

Nazish has developed and delivered many campaigns that aim to raise awareness on Global, Local and National issues such as gun crime, child abuse, child soldiers, war and conflict, discrimination. These campaigns are in addition to her role as she feels an important aspect of being a secondary school educator is to raise awareness and inform students on global issues that affect them directly or indirectly.
Nazish was appointed to work on a GLA project funded by the Mayor of London on improving GCSE provision for students who speak English as an Additional Language. The project is based on English, Mathematics, Science and Geography. Upon completion the resources and support gathered through research and development will be made available for all to use free of charge on a website.


Nazish is an outgoing and energetic individual with particular interests in Culinary Arts for and also has a keen interest photography Nazish has attended courses to develop skills and expertise in this area.

Nazish regularly attends charity events and has carried out extensive amounts of work for charities.

In the media:

Nazish has featured in the local newspapers and on social media sites for her achievements in community cohesion projects.

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