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nazia khatun

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Nominated for:

Public Service Award 2015




Fitness Reborn UK

Job Title:


Educational Achievements:

9 GCSE passes between A* to C

A -levels :
Media Studies
A Levels in English Literature

BA Hons Sociology
Goldsmiths university of London

Professional Achievements:

In 1999, in a London school, Nazia Khatun was selected to sit in a hall to be part of a group that met the world’s famous boxer and sports person, Laila Ali, daughter of Muhammad Ali. This interaction with Laila Ali changed her life.

After graduating in Sociology at Goldsmiths University, Nazia decided to be an amateur boxer. She won two bronze medals in tournaments.

During her boxing career, she encountered and overcame many negative attitudes as boxing is not a feminine thing to do. She constantly uses her experiences to inspire and motivate women from all backgrounds.

Nazia uses her Sociology background to understand human behavioural patterns and creates dynamic and effective, value- based body transformation programmes to suit individual needs.

She has varied clients from all backgrounds who bear testimony to her multi faceted skills.
Nazia works with individuals, community organisations and the corporate sector.With her avid passion for boxing and being an amateur boxer for many years, Nazia has worked very hard to inspire and educate the Asian female community in Health and Fitness.

Her major achievements has been transforming clients lives where they lead a happier and fruitful life by taking them on a 12 week journey and showing them the incredible things their bodies are capable of and how their health creates their wealth.

She works with the young generation and females in particular.

Additional Contributions:

Nazia's fitness article appeared In the worlds leading Asian magazine called Asiana Weddings. She was also privileged to have coached the editor of the magazine. Nazia writes her own fitness blogs inspiring people from all walks of life and has also contributed to Asiana weddings online publication for the health and fitness section.

Nazia has appeared on Islam channel, where she was interviewed by Rahim Jung. Appeared on NTV bangla channel, speaking about her journey as an amateur boxer and how she got into her career. She was also a guest on the BBC Asian network radio channel with Nadia Ali, talking about how to stay healthy during the Ramadan period.

Besides her day to day schedule she gets invited to do talks for the young entrepreneurs, her latest venture was at google campus and also did a workshop based in Hackney community.

She was involved in helping the obese population in Tower Hamlets where she was asked to provide exercise sessions.

Nazia is also very keen to help the deaf community when it comes to health and fitness and was selected to go back to her secondary school teaching young females about the looking after themselves, physically and mentally.


Nazia is always involved in charity work for the homeless people and sets up activities to feed those less privileged.

Her hobbies are vast, she is a keen participator in the self development and has met the likes of Anthony Robbins and Les Brown . She loves travelling to different places and learning new languages.

She enjoys reading and always updating her knowledge in her field and beyond to make her relate clients and audience on a deeper level.

Nazia has now developed her workshop called "conditioning the mindset for your perfect body" . Here she uses her experience as an amateur boxer and delivers an outstanding seminar where she teaches people to love themselves and the steps needed to maintaining a perfect body

In the media:

Nazia has been featured in Asiana Wedding Magazine
Appeared on television three times
Spoke at Google campus for young entrepreneurs
Written blogs for Asiana digital publications
Writes her own blogs regarding health and fitness and everything related to it
Runs her own workshops on " conditioning the mindset for your perfect body"

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  1. Adnan is highly professional & inspiring fashion promoter, his work for society speaks for him!


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