Mr Sunil Patel

Mr Sunil Patel

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Nominated for:

Public Service Award 2015




London Achievers Ltd

Job Title:

Property developer /Entrpreneur trainer

Educational Achievements:

5 Grade A GCSE's
Btec First Diploma in Business & Finance
Btec National Diploma In Business and Finance

Professional Achievements:

From using my student loan at University as a deposit to fund my first property purchase of a council flat i created a multimillion pine property Portfolio.
Now my mission is to give back to the community by offering Entrepreneur Training Seminars and i have just created my first Millionaire in 8 years.

Additional Contributions:

I run 2 regular seminars trainiings, which are free to Under 18's and Un-employed people. I run a Facebook page - London Achievers,You tube channel,
and post regularly everyday on my regular Facebook page with 2000 followers.

I am launching a London Achievers radio station very soon.

The Main reason i started the Entrepreneurial company London achievers is because i was angered at how the public were being cheated out of £10,000 + on very bad Property Training courses and Motivational courses usually run by people who never made money in that field, basically cheating the customer for financial gain.


I run a charity which hoses Old age Pensioners for Free. "Sunil's free nursing homes.
Again the profits that millionaires are making from over-charging old people angered me so i set up a free nursing home with Donations ect.
Free entrepreneur training and Mentoring for Unempployed people and under 18's. because this is our new generation and need guidance.

In the media:

I was offered a community Radio show for Edge Radio in Croydon which i ran every wednesday for 1 year with 10,000 listeners.
Barclays bank offered me a venue in there flagship branches to spread Entrepreneurialism.
I regularly Talk on "The mindset for success" & "Property Investing secrets" for the We do property Meet up in Central London Monthly.

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  1. Adnan is highly professional & inspiring fashion promoter, his work for society speaks for him!


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