Mandeep Singh

Mandeep Singh

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Nominated for:

Media Award 2015




Panjab Radio

Job Title:

Station Manager

Educational Achievements: From Delhi University in 2003.

MBA in Marketing in 2004/2005 from City University Birmingham.

Diploma in software Engineering.

Professional Achievements:

Born in Delhi, India. Joined Panjab radio in 2003 in operations and promoted as Station Manager in 2005 because of his abilities and passion towards work in music and community.
Employee of the year for five years at Panjab Radio.

Additional Contributions:

Presenting Shows on the Radio including Discussion and interviews.
Monitoring and evaluating the quality of the station and meeting all requirements and regulations with regards to programming.
Handling all complaints, questions, or request for information about the station.
Hiring and training of new employees, interns and other personnel at the radio station.
Developing budget plans, employee schedules and overseeing the daily operation of the station.


arranging and covering media / community events
Organising Group travel to the asian countries for religious / leisure purpose

In the media:

Been awarded by SACA Charity Bike Ride for his charity work and service done to the community .

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  1. Adnan is highly professional & inspiring fashion promoter, his work for society speaks for him!


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