Lalitaa Suglani

Lalitaa Suglani

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Nominated for:

Medical Award 2015




Sphere Therapy Group / Inspire-Therapy

Job Title:


Educational Achievements:

Doctorate in Counselling Psychology
MSc in Conselling Psychology
BSc Psychology and Sociology

Professional Achievements:

-Lalitaa runs and manages Sphere Therapy Group and Inspire-Therapy, which are organisations that aspire to help individuals that may suffer with mental health issues and to assist in increasing one's personal development. Additionally, it helps people develop emotionally.
-Lalitaa has also partnered to create Inspire-Therapy which works with individuals of all ages to understand any issues they may have around their mental health. One project Inspire-Therapy works closely with is schools, to help raise awareness of mental health and also offering ways to deal with them. For example, low self-esteem, bullying, self-harming, depression, low mood.
-Run groups to encourage the awareness of mental health, specifically within the Asian community.

Additional Contributions:

Lalitaa's profession is not just work, it is her life. She aspires to share her skills to help others.

Being a success does not just depend on the salary you make at the end of the year, to Lalitaa success and richness is when she offers her skills to others to help them to communicate and understand themselves. This encourages their personal development, improves their self-esteem and allows individuals to perceive the world in a different way. Through the skills that she carries, she is able to offer others support to change their life.

In today's society we are faced with many different aspects of how we 'should be,' this can have a damaging impact on individuals, leading to low mood, depression and anxiety. Subsequently, this can impact on individuals psychological well-being. Lalitaa can see how this can impact upon society and takes time, even when away from work to help individuals understand their feelings, thoughts and behaviours. Lalitaa does this by offering motivational tweets, blogging and running several successful workshops, groups and individual work for individuals.


Lalitaa participates in meditation, yoga and is an active member of the local gym to help keep a focused mind. Additionally she volunteers her time with a counselling charity and is also a trustee member of a charity to help manage and run it. Additionally, Lalitaa takes pride in using her creative skills to cook and takes pleasure in shopping. Lalitaa also enjoys helping out in the family business (Prestige Suite).

At the age of 25, being one of the youngest members studying on the doctorate course, wanting to take part in extra activities and striving to build a successful business keeps Lalitaa busy. However, she still finds time to help out in her fathers family business (Prestige Suite) to help organise weddings, contributes in charity work and has taken time to volunteer in local gurdwaras to help people become more aware of mental health.

-Personal Awareness, confidence
-Belief in wanting to help others,
-Natural drive to wanting to help people understand themselves
-Positive and driven individual

In the media:

-Tv: Brit Asia (has been involved in interview on arranged marriages)

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  1. Adnan is highly professional & inspiring fashion promoter, his work for society speaks for him!


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