Ketan Hirani

Ketan Hirani

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Nominated for:

Design & Creative Award 2015





Job Title:

Managing Director

Educational Achievements:

Whilst Ketan didn't complete university (dropped out twice), he has continued on his path of ongoing personal education.

He was recently asked to speak at his High School to the students who didn't apply to university as an example of what can be achieved despite not having a formal education.

Professional Achievements:

Ketan started PictureFrame.TV along with his friend and business partner 4 years ago, and the company has taken the AV industry by storm. Never before have MirrorTVs and hidden TV solutions been so accessible by the industry. What Ketan and his team have done has revolutionised how TVs are displayed in homes.

Additional Contributions:

Ketan's company PictureFrame.TV has changed the way in which people display their TV screens. With their revolutionary product, customers are now able to blend their TVs within their interior design schemes.


Ketan has a huge passion of classic cars. Having owned and sold many himself, he plans to create a business around his hobby in the near future.

He also has many nephews and nieces within his family with whom he's very close, and can often be goofing around with the kids.

Ketan regularly takes part in the annual Basket Brigade where Christmas Dinner baskets are delivered to those in need on the 23rd of December each year. It's a very worthwhile cause, and an extremely humbling experience.

In the media:

Ketan's company PictureFrame.TV has received numerous trade awards, most notably;

Essential Install Magazine, Manufacturer Of The Year, Runners Up.
SVI Magazine, Best TV Manufacturer Of The Year, Runners Up.
Smart Building Awards, Flatscreen Of The Year, Winner

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  1. Adnan is highly professional & inspiring fashion promoter, his work for society speaks for him!


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