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Nominated for:

Design & Creative Award 2015


Beijing, China


China Academy of Building Research/China Building Technique Group Co. Ltd

Job Title:

Chief Architect Director, Sustainable Building & Urban Design Research Center

Educational Achievements:

1994.10-1998.01 Manchester University Doctor of Philosophy in Building Engineering, Project Management
1985.07-1988.06 Chongqing University Master of Architecture Design and Theory
1980.09-1984.07 Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Bachelor of Urban Planning

Professional Achievements:

Dr. Luo,Chief Architect of CBTGC, State 1000 Plan Expert, Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Building, who ever worked with the well-known British firms Ove Arup & Partners, Foster & Partners, possesses rich working experience in the UK, North America and China. In the past decade, Dr. Luo participated and led the strategic planning, master planning and architectural designs of numerous large size urban planning and building projects, and won many international and domestic design competitions including National Aquatics Center, Beijing National Stadium, Beijing Capital International Airport T3. He obtained great achievements in project management, design and consulting.

In 2008, Dr Luo won the international competition of Wuhan Tianhe International Airport Master Planning and T3 Scheme Design. In 2009, as one of 3 final entry schemes of Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport Master Planning and T2 Scheme Design Competition, his design was awarded the prize cup of "The Lowest-carbon Airport Scheme" by China “2010 Best Building”. In 2013,the Wuhan Wujiashan New city overall planning and urban design won“ The International Architecture Award for 2013”, which is the only award-winning won by Chinese architect independently.

In recent years, Dr. Luo was frequently invited by the governments and the large state-owned firms as panel expert to take part in many evaluation and approvals of design competitions and construction projects.

Work Experience:
2007.7-2012.2 Da Chi International Consultancy Ltd Chief Planner/Chief Architect, Board of Director UK
2005.7-2007.6 Atkins China Ltd Director UK & China
2003.12-2005.7 Foster and Partners Ltd Director/Chief Representative UK
1998.5-2003.12 Ove Arup & Partners International Ltd
Senior Project Manager UK & Canada

Additional Contributions:

Dr. Jun Luo has strong academic research ability and received the doctor degree in the UK with honor results. During his Phd candidate in 1997, he won the first prize of excellent research thesis award which organized by the Chartered Institute of Building, and was awarded the 1997 CIOB “Innovation and Research Achievement” annual award. In June 2015, Dr. Luo was informed that he award The Scientific Chinese” The People of the Year Awards 2014” which is For his outstanding contribution in architecture

In recent years, Dr. Jun Luo has been dedicated in research and practice of low-carbon and ecological urbanization. He insist on using eco-friendly innovation concept to guide the way of Chinese urban design and planning, putting forward many new ideas and new methods and actively into practices. In order to response the demand of “Smart City” and “Urbanization”, in 2014, under the leading of Dr. Luo, CBTGC and the university of Salford jointly set up “Smart City Research Institute” , Dr. Luo is Director. The institute use new analyses concept which is totally different from traditional urban planning, through informatization model and Big Data to simulate eco-friendly model of urban land utilizing, density and city space configuration. The institute closely cooperates with UK Universities, Chinese Governments and organization of investment and financing, applicant scientific research and projects in framework, planning and design, construction system and pattern of Smart City and put forward the “on-site urbanization” concept, which narrow the gap between large city and small city and vigorously promote the research and practical process of Smart City.

Dr. Jun Luo is the committee member of CIOB China North Branch and did lots work for the organization voluntarily in the past years. He was also elected the committee member of China architectural theory and creation of the architect organization and The 20th century architecture heritage committee at Chinese culture relics association. Dr. Jun Luo holds the post of visiting Professor in University of Salford and in Wuhan University. From 2014, Dr. Jun Luo is in the process of building Cooperation Training Program with Manchester University & Wuhan University and as Director takes charge of the Sustainable Building & Urban Design Research Center.
Above his daily work, Dr. Luo has released over 40 effective dissertations and research papers in various international and domestic journals and a book 《History of Fengshui in China 》as coauthor. He also presented several papers in major international conferences. Below lists a few:
1、2006,Airport construction summit in West China (Chengdu),“Airport development trend in the 21th century”
2、2003,British Airport Group mission to China hold by CAAC(Beijing), “Several key issues in airport planning and design”.
3、1998,Opportunities and Strategies in a Global Marketplace (University of Leeds, UK.)“JVs in construction with economies in transition: the development of Sino-foreign construction JVs”
4、1996,Proceeding of the CIB International Conference, Ministry of Construction, (Beijing), “Tansformation of state-owned construction enterprises in China”

Parts of Published Articles & Books
J.Luo, et al (2001), Investing in the Chinese construction industry via JVs, Journal of Building Research & Information, 29(3), UK.
J.Luo (2001), Assessing management and performance of Sino-foreign construction JVs, Construction Management & Economics, 19, UK.
X.He & J.Luo (2000), Fengshui and the Environment of Southeast China, Journal of World Views: Environment, Culture, Religion, Vol 4, No.3, Netherland.
J.Luo & A.Gale (2000), The evolution of the Chinese construction industry, Journal of Building Research & Information, 28(1), UK.
J.Luo & A.Gale (1998), Sino-foreign Joint Ventures, Chartered Institute of Building, UK.
J.Luo, et al (1998), JVs in construction with economies in transition: the development of Sino-foreign construction JVs, in C. Preece(ed) Opportunities and Strategies in a Global Marketplace, University of Leeds, UK.
J.Luo & A.Gale (1996),Tansformation of state-owned construction enterprises in China, Proceeding of the CIB International Conference, China Architecture and Building Press, Beijing.


Dr. Luo shows a wide range of interests in not only architecture, but also literature, art, folklore and other areas. His paintings and translations were published in many scientific magazines and journals for many times.

Tadao Ando , Peter Eisenman: Liberate time in detained space; Huazhong Architecture (1993 (2))
John Quentin Hejduk: Night in Grassland; Deconstructivism- Contemporary challenges; contemporary art , P41-42

Jun Luo (1992), Folk House, Christian Church in Qingdao, Meteorological station in Qingdao, Huazhong Architecture (2)
Jun Luo (1988), commercial interior design, Art Museum in Grassland ; Album of Contemporary Architecture Presentation; Tianze Publisher

In the media:

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Dr. Jun Luo is a leader in architecture and design fields. He won dozens of awards in kinds of International and domestic competitions, and his Personal biography and awards were widely reported by various media and journals.

The International Architecture Award for 2013, http://wh.house.sina.com.cn/news/2013-08-16/10593450133.shtml
2009 Chinese Top Ten Public Relationship People http://www.docin.com/p-783164861.html
Jun Luo: The way of innovation, Simple life, http://www.scichi.cn/content.php?id=956&cid=1

Jun Luo, Perfect combination of Publication and Architecture; Public Relation World (2010)

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