Inzamam Rashid

Inzamam Rashid

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Nominated for:

Media Award 2015




Asian Sound Radio

Job Title:

Breakfast Presenter

Educational Achievements:

Currently studying at the university of salford. BA Degree in Broadcast Journalism

Professional Achievements:

Inzy has really excelled as a broadcast journalist and a radio presenter. He has gone out of his way to create exciting, interesting and a vibrant breakfast show. Appealing to all generations with his music taste and hard work organising interviews with big Brit-asian artists, bollywood actors, sporting icons in the asian world etc. here is a link to some of his work

Recently Inzy covered the General Election, speaking to Asian politicians from all over the country including Sadiq Khan, Priti Patel, Chuka Umuna and Yasmin Qureshi. He organised, produced and conducted interviews which were crucial for the Asian communities that listen to Asian Sound Radio Network.

Additional Contributions:

As well as presenting the Breakfast show every weekday morning Inzy works on developing the web page and all social media aspects. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. He works closely with the admin team to organise and help boost sales, the production team to help create, script and voice many adverts.
Inzy helps out many non-english speaking presenters with local news translations and takes out time to research and create news stories to broadcast live and upload to the website.
Inzy likes to work towards encouraging the young audience to get involved with broadcasting and expressing their views. This is proven in his call in shows for kids during the 'School Run' hour.


Outside of work and education at university inzy has many extracurricular activities which includes playing cricket for his local club: Appleton CC and actually vice-captains the 2nd eleven. He's raised money for charity all his life, including 15,000 for the floods in Pakistan and over 1,300 for the earthquake that hit Pakistan.
As well as being a philanthropist, Inzy likes to cook and has been cooking and blogging about his recipes he's tried and created at university.

In the media:

Much of Inzy's work has been recognised on social media pages and out in public at events and launch parties.

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  1. Adnan is highly professional & inspiring fashion promoter, his work for society speaks for him!


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