Dr Hurjoht Singh Virdee

Dr Hurjoht Singh Virdee

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Nominated for:

Dentistry Award 2015




Birmingham Dental Hospital

Job Title:

DCT in Restorative Dentistry and Minor Oral Surgery at Birmingham Dental Hospital / Associate Dentist at Midland Smile Centre

Educational Achievements:

BDS Dentistry (University of Birmingham) 2013 - PASS
MJDF Part 1 (Royal College of Surgeons England) 2013 - PASS
MFDS Part 2 (Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh) Taking examination in May 2015

Professional Achievements:

Dr Virdee has been a high achiever throughout his dental career. He has managed to achieve in a short space of time what many have taken years to achieve. Below are a list of some of his achievements and an indication of his continuing dedication to the profession as well as his role as an ambassador and role model for so many young Asians and the profession as a whole:

Health Education West Midlands Award x 2 for Best Key Skill in Dental Scheme - 2014
Birmingham Dental Hospital (UoB) Award for Leadership and Professionalism in Dentistry - 2013
Birmingham Dental Hospital Sir Arthur Thomson Award for Contribution to the Dental School - 2013
Birmingham Dental Hospital (UoB) Award for Outstanding Contribution to Welfare of Colleagues - 2013
Birmingham Dental Hospital (UoB) Award for Best Oversees Elective Research - 2013
3M ESPE Dentist of the Future Award for Innovation in Dentistry - 2012

Additional Contributions:

Dr Virdee's contribution to the Dental profession has been apparent since his days as an undergraduate. I have provided you with some details below to give you an idea of his global contribution. I am sure you will agree that for a young professional of his age, to have been a part of so much at such at this stage requires recognition from award panels such as yourselves so that others can strive for similar successes:

RESEARCH PUBLICATION- His research in India, “A Comparison of Dental Access and Paediatric Patient Management in Manipal (India) with Birmingham (England)”, was successful enough that he won an award for best oversees research project. The research was presented at the Sands Cox Society at the Birmingham Medical Institute and published in the Medical and Dental Aesculapius magazine.

INTERNATIONAL POSTER AND RESEARCH PRESENTATION- Research he conducted on “Motivation and Conditions for Research at European Dental Schools” was influential enough to gain a poster presentation and discussion at the ADEE (Association for Dental Education in Europe) Annual Meeting in Turkey.

VICE CHANCELLOR SEMINAR SERIES- He was selected by the College of Dental and Medical Sciences to partake in the Vice Chancellor Seminars. The purpose of the initiative was to bring together 15 outstanding and elite individuals from different professional interests to discuss topical issues which will benefit from cross-disciplinary examination and perspectives.

STUDENT TEACHING/LECTURES- The School of Dentistry has requested for him on a number of occasions to lecture students on various aspects of dentistry. In the last 2 years he has provided talks to the final year cohort on aspects of finals examinations, what to expect in their foundation years and career options. He has also spoken to the 3rd year cohort before they began seeing real patients, explaining what is expected of them at this stage and an insight of what the future may hold for them.

CAWC CHAIRMAN - He represented the School of Dentistry as chairman of the Curriculum Working Committee. He was responsible for liaising with staff / students to determine if there were any issues regarding the dental course. These issues would then be discussed and appropriate action be taken to improve the learning experience of dental undergraduates.

EUROPEAN DENTAL DELEGATE (EDSA) - As the delegate and ambassador for Birmingham he was required to attend conferences in Europe. The aim was to establish changes within dentistry throughout Europe; to relay this information back to England, providing the profession with knowledge of future ventures within European dentistry.

EUROPEAN DENTAL CONFERENCE VICE CHAIRMAN - He was Vice Chairman of the local organising committee that was welcoming 100 European guests to attend the week long conference. This was a position of high responsibility where he was acting as an ambassador for the School of Dentistry, to a foreign delegation.

DENTAL STUDENT PRESIDENT - His inspiration was noticed from a young age. As president of the student society he was acting as an ambassador for the University and Dental School, representing the dental student body.


As well as focusing so well on his profession, Dr Virdee manages to keep his lifestyle active. I cannot provide complete details but you can approach him for more clarification:

VIRTUE DRUMMERS - He is part of a professional Asian instrumental team. He has travelled the world entertaining audiences. He regularly performs at festivals (such as Glastonbury) and as well as working full time, he manages to perform at weddings. He can provide more details for you but i still am envious as to how he manages to fit all of this in as well as his dental commitments.

TENNIS COACH - He was also a tennis coach for a number of years, teaching children as part of the Professional Tennis Registry UK

SHUKOKAI KARATE ASSOCIATION– He has participated in a number of annual national competitions. He has won these competitions 3 times and has come 2nd 3 times.

I may have missed some details, but i am sure you will agree that to be doing all of this as well as be as dedicated as he is to dentistry is quite an accomplishment.

In the media:

His research in India, “A Comparison of Dental Access and Paediatric Patient Management in Manipal (India) with Birmingham (England)”, was presented at the Sands Cox Society at the Birmingham Medical Institute and published in the Medical and Dental Aesculapius magazine.

He has many mentions in the BrumDentists online blog.

His contributions can regularly be found in the Dental Protection magazine. He would provide regular updates to fellow dentists to keep them informed of what was happening at the different dental schools.

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