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Nominated for:

Pharmacy Award 2015




Portmans Pharmacy, 93-95 Tachbrook Street, Pimlico, SW1V 2QA

Job Title:

Proprietor Pharmacist

Educational Achievements:

First Class Hons in Pharmacy at the University of Bath, 1979

Relevant Training:
- to act as a Level 2 Advisor in Smoking Cessation
- to be able to administer vaccinations
- to act as a Mentoring Lead (trained by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society)

Professional Achievements:

Anar has been working as a Pharmacist in London for 36 years. Becoming a proprietor of her Pharmacy 14 years ago enabled her to have a real impact to the people of the borough and the broader Pharmaceutical community.

Portmans Pharmacy became one of the first in the borough to offer health checks so that customers could be more self-aware and no longer needed to make appointments at over-booked GPs

Anar runs a Stop Smoking Service and her Pharmacy won the Kick-It award for Best Independent Pharmacy Westminster in 2014. She was also ranked 12th out of the top 50 smoking cessation advisors in the borough at the end of 2014.

Outside of Portmans Pharmacy, Anar acts as Treasurer of the Local Pharmaceutical Committee (LPC) for Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster. She has held this position for 6 years. The committee works closely with the NHS to negotiate terms that ensure the local Pharmacies can offer the best service possible.

Anar also acts as Mentoring Lead on the London Central Local Practice Forum (LC LPF), under the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. Through this role, for the last 3 years, she has been supporting and guiding other Pharmacists who can approach her directly for advice on improving their own services.

Additional Contributions:

Anar strives to offer a complete service at her Pharmacy in order to reach and care for members from all walks of the community without judgement. In pursuit of this, Anar and her staff have undertaken appropriate training where needed to offer:

-Flu vaccinations and health checks
-A travel clinic to administer vaccinations and antimalarials
-Smoking Cessation services
-Chlamydia screening for young people aged 15 - 24
-A Substance Misuse Service, including needle exchange, supervised consumption and harm reduction advice
-Pharmaceutical services for local care homes
-HPV vaccination program for girls missing the vaccinations at school
-Delivery of pharmaceuticals as well as daily essentials, such as milk and bread, to house-bound members of the community

She believes HIV testing should be more easily accessible to the public and is therefore currently also negotiating via the LPC for the NHS to allow Pharmacies to offer HIV testing.

Anar has always been dedicated to passing on her knowledge and skills and for the past 32 years, she has been training pre-registration pharmacists.


Despite her demanding work schedule over the last 30 years, Anar has always made time to be a mum and raise her three children. When she is able to find any extra time, Anar enjoys reading, swimming and travelling to new countries. She is also keen to support charities and showed she was a good sport by completing the ice bucket challenge for the Macmillan Nurses last year!

In the media:

The Westminster Reporter - Page 14 - Pioneering Health Checks in Westminster Pharmacies

TM Magazine - Anar commenting on a successful flu vaccination program, in conjunction with her work on the LPC

Westminster Plus Magazine - Page 5 - Anar encouraging Westminster residents at risk of flu to be immunised

Kick It magazine Jan 2015 - Page 1 - Winning a Kick-It award

Kick It magazine Oct 2014 - Page 5 - Ranking 12th out the Top 50 smoking cessation advisors at the end of 2014

Anar consulted by the West End Extra newspaper on the 2011 vaccination administration issues in Westminster

LPC Infomation

LC LPF mentoring lead

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