Amita Devi Jassi

Amita Devi Jassi

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Nominated for:

Public Service Award 2015





Job Title:

Principal Clinical Psychologist

Educational Achievements:

BSc (hons) Psychology - First Class
Doctorate in Clinical Psychology

Professional Achievements:

Only Asian in doctorate course
Several publications in academic journals
Published book called 'Can I tell you about OCD?'
Works in national specialist OCD clinic for children
Trustee for charity OCD Action
Starred in BBC 4 documentary 'Growing Children: OCD'
Speaks at international conferences yearly
Spoke on international radio Talk Europe

Additional Contributions:

Several publications in peer review journal (please google scholar name)
Facebook page - Can I tell you about OCD?
Research in OCD and related disorders
Pioneering project to increase access to psychology services for OCD for ethnic minorities
Set up psychology services in children centres in Southall


Charity work as mentioned above
Go to India yearly to help with centre for young women in Punjab to access vocational courses to better their prospects & future

In the media:

As above
Talk Radio
BBC 4 documentary 'Growing Children: OCD'
Due to be on service website
Community channel - documentary on OCD with OCD Action

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  1. Adnan is highly professional & inspiring fashion promoter, his work for society speaks for him!


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