Amarit Bains

Amarit Bains

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Nominated for:

Public Service Award 2015




Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors

Job Title:

Public Affairs Executive

Educational Achievements:

BSc Economics from UCL (2009)

Professional Achievements:

Appointed Director of Labour Friends of India in September 2012 - responsible for the Labour Party's engagement with UK Indians

Worked for two Shadow Ministers, Barry Gardiner and Seema Malhotra.

Drafted high level speeches for prominent MPs including Seema Malhotra's speech at the 2014 Budget:

speeches of interest to asian professionals including speech of diversity on public boards:

worked on issues of interest to UK Asians including the EU mango ban:

UK development aid to India:

UK-India trade:

Additional Contributions:

Set up Labour Friends of India Twitter/Facebook profiles

wrote pieces for MPs in prominent Asian publications including Asian Voice, Eastern Eye, Pardes Weekly. Set up interviews with Asian media including Panjab Radio, Sunrise Radio, Sangat TV, and others


Worked for Palestinian NGO in Lebanon - worked to improve rights of Palestinians in 2 refugee camps in Northern Lebanon following destruction of Nahr el-bared camp

Worked for NGO in Cameroon - raised fund for construction of a school for orphans: and taught economics to a class of 20 children

In the media:

n/a generally not recognised as MPs take credit for work done by staff!

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  1. Adnan is highly professional & inspiring fashion promoter, his work for society speaks for him!


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